Books Written By Our Pastors

We have many authors in the Central Rocky Mountain Region.  Here are just a few of them (in no particular order) and their works.  Click the titles to be taken to Amazon to purchase a copy.

Roger McDaniels
Dying for Joe McCarthy’s Sins: The Suicide of Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt

“Joe McCarthy’s Cold War witch-hunts targeted people with same-sex attractions as much, maybe more than those with Communist sympathies.” This introduction to Rodger McDaniel’s book sets the stage for a story of the most wretched political blackmail in American history. Lester Hunt was the kind of person we’d all want to be a part of our national government. Kind and empathetic, honest and hardworking, he was as one of his eulogists said, “ill prepared for the cruel, brutal, rough aspect of national partisan politics.” Hunt committed suicide in his Senate office in 1954. His death was tragic enough. Yet readers will find even more about which to lament reading of his extraordinary life. Dying for Joe McCarthy’s Sins is not only Lester Hunt’s story. It’s the story of America during the virulent years of the early Cold War, of McCarthyism, and the way the voluntary death of a Wyoming senator helped to bring the curtain down on Joe McCarthy.

Jim Doenges
Carrying Capacity of Public Water Supply Watersheds

Funded in part by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this textbook presents a review of the existing literature concerning impacts to water quality associated with residential development. Impacts from activities typically associated with suburban development are described, including construction-related impacts, erosion and sedimentation, stormwater discharges, nonpoint source pollutants, and septic systems.  The origin, migration, and fate of pollutants are addressed, along with the impact to the trophic state of lakes and reservoirs. Recommendations are made for best management practices and minimum lot sizes, as well as nonregulatory and government management approaches.

Harold Kent Straughn

LifeSpirals assimilates revolutionary discoveries in brain research, learning techniques, and the new field of “wisdom psychology.” More than just a self help book, LifeSpirals guides readers through the seven major stages of adult learning that mark the achievements of history’s greatest leaders. All the reader needs to maximize his/her own achievement is a greater awareness of how to make use of what he/she knows, which
lies buried among your early memories. LifeSpirals shows the reader how to access these lost memories and reconstitute them into a new vision for his/her life that can make the boldest dreams so far seem like tame compromises.

Charles R Blaisdell, editor
Conservative Moderate Liberal: The Biblical Authority Debate

Barbara Blaisdell with Ron Allen and Scott Black Johnson
Theology for Preaching: Authority, Truth and Knowledge of God in a Postmodern Ethos

Theology for Preaching focuses on practical issues for preaching to a “post-modern audience,” that is, an audience which is skeptical of traditional authority, loves to look beyond the surface meaning of language, doubts the value of objective truth claims, and values questions more than they do answers. These are people who make marvelous participants in your spiritual study classes and will drive you crazy with process objections when you are trying to accomplish something on your local non-profit board.  They would be fascinated by a book study on anything by Dan Brown and would very likely never show up to a Bible Study on a letter of Paul. Why do you want these people in your congregation? Selfishly: they are smart. They tend to have high incomes and high intellect quotients and have a lot to offer the church. But much more importantly,
they are children of God who are searching for meaning and connection and need, very much what the church has to offer: the unconditional love of God which we have come to know through Jesus Christ our Lord: that nothing, nothing can ever separate us from God and, when we are at our best, each other, because we are  connected to God and each other in Christ Jesus.

Victor L Hunter and R Lanny Hunter
Living Free in an Anxious World: What Your Doctor and Pastor Want You to Know about Worry

What is anxiety? Why do our bodies and spirits respond to stress by growing unsettled, even sick? When is worry a good thing, and how can we use it more constructively? In LIVING FREE IN AN ANXIOUS WORLD, Dr. R. Lanny Hunter and Pastor Victor L. Hunter draw on their respective professions as physician and minister, as well as their academic expertise in science and theology, to offer a holistic approach to addressing
worry and anxiety.

Jeff Wright
Tour of Life: A Baptism and Confirmation Journey

Tour of Life is an interactive learning experience designed to prepare youth for baptism or confirmation. During Tour of Life, candidates for baptism or confirmation are paired with a mentor and led as a group on a journes through the seasons of life.

James R Ryan
Doing Justice in a Purple Congregation

Colorado Council of Churches ( to order), 2008, ISBN none
Why is the prophetic voice of progressive Christianity so silent? Why do mainline Protestant congregations become so uneasy when justice issues are raised? Why are we bold with charity and so timid with justice? How do clergy, lay leaders and scripture come together to enable congregations to “do justice?” If you are a part of a politically and theologically “purple” congregation (mixing red and blue makes purple) that struggles
with justice, this book will clarify the problem and identify some possible directions.

Christian Piatt
Banned Questions about the Bible

Where did Adam and Eve’s kids find spouses? Does God justify violence in scripture?  Does the Bible call for sexual purity? (and what qualifies as pure and impure?) Ever get the feeling that you can’t ask those kinds of questions at church? But if we can’t ask the tough, keep-you-awake-at-night questions within our faith  communities, then what good are those communities? Listen in as more than a dozen contributors–whose ranks include a recovering consumer, a religious satirist, and a seminary president—discuss the questions your Sunday school teachers were afraid to answer.