ECOY Youth Leadership

Attention Youth Leaders & Pastors:

Below is the 2020 ECOY application for the Central Rocky Mountain Region Executive Council of Youth, otherwise know as “ECOY”. As the first page of the application explains, ECOY are high school students learning and using leadership skills to aid in the planning and leading of the Fall & Midwinter retreats and CYF summer camp.

Please think about the high school students in your church, and if there is one (or more) who you think would both serve and be served well through this leadership opportunity encourage him or her to apply! You are welcome to make copies of this application.

Thank you for helping us to identify and encourage the young leaders in the CRMR!

Shelly Garrison

PS – please note that all applications are due in the regional office by Friday, June 26, 2020. A failure to meet the deadline does not automatically disqualify, but it is an indication of dependability, which is one quality we look for in the selection!