Regional Board

Our Regional Board acts in accordance with our Future Story Vision Statement:

Rocky Mountain Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a web of relationships
committed to ministries of justice and compassion as disciples of Jesus Christ.
As individuals and congregations, with our Regional Ministry Team and Board,
and in connection with the General and Ecumenical Church,
we create, sustain and renew these relationships and ministries
through a shared commitment to our four Core Values and our three Core Ministries.

The Core Values are Diversity, Communication, Innovation, and Empowerment.  The Core Ministries are Congregational Life, Ministerial Life, and Regional Life.  Through these Core Values and Core Ministries we are committed to creating and sustaining healthy, educated and connected congregations and clergy, and regional relationships rooted in deep spirituality, theological exploration, reconciliation, and mission and justice work.

from the CRMR Future Story

The Purpose and Duties of the Regional Board from CRMR Design Document

Section 1. Purpose:

The Regional Board shall be the governing body of the CRMR, and shall conduct its business in accordance with the Design and the Non-profit Corporation Act of the state of Colorado.

Section 4. Duties:
The Regional Board shall:

  1. Have power to fill a vacancy in any office which occurs between Assemblies.
  2. Receive and act upon recommendations of the CRMR ministerial staff, Executive Committee, and others representing ministry and mission groups.
  3. Approve and support the mission and ministry priorities of the CRMR.
  4. Annually review the purpose and goals of all ministry areas, fellowships and standing committees representing ministry and mission groups.
  5. Approve the time and place of the Assemblies.
  6. Submit business items to the Regional Assembly for consideration and/or action.

from The Design for the Central Rocky Mountain Region

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