Fund Values

Using your gifts responsibly in ministry:

The Goal of the Foundation of the Central Rocky Mountain Region is to support the various ministries in a responsible and creative way.

Each of these funds supports regional ministry depending upon the trust document that was initiated by those who made the original gift.  You may read more about the purpose of these funds by going to the Funds for Ministry page.  If you would like to make a contribution to one of these important funds please contact any Trustee (refer to the Board of Trustees page) the Central Rocky Mountain Regional Church.

FUND Fund Value Ending 12/31/2012
Foundation Operating Fund: $7,411.49
Ault Trust Fund: $95,848.32
Bethany Trust Fund: $195,366.44
Boulder Trust Fund: $251,730.26
East Side Trust Fund: $301,776.46
Endowment (CRMR)Fund: $713,561.29
Las Animas Trust Fund $55,875.34
Moss #1 Trust Fund: $28,562.37
Moss #2 Trust Fund: $19,593.65
Moss #4 Trust Fund: $48,095.64
Moss #5 Trust Fund: $15,864.60
Rusher Trust Fund: $25,424.12
Tilsley Scholarship Fund: $74,725.86
Youth Trust Fund: $47,254.02
Fund Total $1,881,089.86