Global Partners

Global Partners is a partnership between the Rocky Mountain Conference United Church of Christ (UCC), the Central Rocky Mountain Region Christian Church (DOC) and the Evangelical United Pentecostal Church of Venezuela (UEPV). As far as we know, we are the only Partnership through Common Global Ministries wherein the UCC and DOC work together with a third partner. Together we represent about 200 churches in western Venezuela, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

The membership of each of the three partner denominations have committed to:

  • Working together to share God’s love but not trying to change each other theologically.
  • Planning and working on projects together.
  • Exchanging people and sharing resources.
  • Supporting each other through social, political and spiritual challenges.

Our exchanges began slowly with limited numbers on visiting teams. Our teams still only take about 10 individuals in order not to create a hardship for our hosts in Venezuela. When they come here their numbers are limited because of the increasing problem of obtaining visitor visas since 9/11.

If you want more information about our partnership go to the Rocky Mountain Conference website.

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(Information taken from the Rocky Mountain Conference – UCC website.)