Executive Regional Minister Search Team Update

The Executive Regional Minister (ERM) Search Team is pleased to report 16 letters of interest were received in response to the CRMR ERM position announcement. We are continuing to rely on the guidelines outlined in the Executive Search Process from the Office of General Minister and President and the College of Regional Ministers.

We are grateful for the tremendous cooperation and support from CRMR congregations, ministers and regional leaders which has empowered and inspired this team. We have been blessed and informed by your faithful statement of the realistic challenges and attainable hopes for the future of our region.

The next stage of our work will rely on 3 critical elements:

1. CAP (Candidate Application Package) review and evaluation

2. Discernment of candidates continuing to the next phase of the process

3. Prayer for God’s guidance and direction

Please continue to support us with intercessory prayer, as we work to identify God’s choice for the next Executive Regional minister of the CRMR.


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