CRMR Disciple Women – Board Job Descriptions

June 11, 2010                                                                                  Revised: August 7, 2010

CRMR Disciple Women Board Job Descriptions


*    Shall be responsible for the administrative affairs of the Central Rocky Mountain Region (CRMR) Disciple Women.
*    Shall reside over all meetings of the CRMR Disciple Women.
*    Shall be an ex officio member of all CRMR Disciple Women committees.
*    Shall represent CRMR Disciple Women at the International Disciple Women’s Fellowship meetings and Interregional meetings
*    Shall represent CRMR Disciple Women at other meetings when requested. (e.g. Quadrennial, Church Women United, etc.) or assign a representative.
*    Shall create committees as deemed necessary. Each committee created needs to have a Board member on the committee.

Vice President                           

*    In the absence of the President or upon her request, the Vice President shall have full power to exercise all the functions pertaining to the office of President.
*    Shall be the administrative details coordinator for the annual Women’s Renewal Conference sponsored by this body.


*    Shall record Minutes of CRMR Disciple Women Board meetings.
*    Shall include copies of reports received at the meeting into the Minutes.
*    Shall bring Minutes of several previous meetings to each meeting for reference.
*    Shall record the name of each person present including guests into the minutes.
*    Shall distribute Minutes to Board members after each meeting.
*    Shall prepare a Quarterly Report for the CRMR Regional Board.


*    Shall maintain accurate records of monies received and expended.
*    Shall prepare reports for distribution at CRMR Disciple Women Board meetings.
*    Shall serve as Treasurer at all special regional women’s events or designate a representative.
*    Shall supervise the annual preparation of a budget to be presented to the CRMR Finance Committee.

Communications Coordinator                         

*    Shall coordinate the work of keeping our congregational women’s ministries informed of regional events and projects, national (ODW) and International (IDWM)
*    Shall work to maintain an active communications network by means of newsletter, mailings, web sites, email groups or other means as the Board deems useful.
*    Shall be the point of contact for the following positions:

            District Liaisons                 Northern, Metro, Tres Vallé, Western

*   Shall be the connection between the CRMR Disciple Women and the Women’s Ministries in local congregations.
*   Shall have congregations with which to maintain contact on a regular basis.
*   Shall bring the concerns and hopes of these local ministries to the Communications Coordinator and the ideas and resources of the Board to the local ministries
*   Shall be familiar with materials and information sent from General and Region and share this information with the local women groups and be prepared to help them with leadership concerns or plans.
*   Shall keep a current mailing list of the women leaders from their district. Then notify the Communications Coordinator and the Region of any changes in the names of the women in leadership.
*   Shall keep correspondence with the ministers in their district, introducing yourself and informing them of your availability to resource the women’s organizations in the local congregations.
*   Shall provide articles and materials for the Communication Coordinator to include in newsletters, mailings, or other methods of communication