Regional Board Reports 09/26/2014

Reports for the CRMR Board Meeting on September 26, 2014
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Moderator’s Board Report
Vice Moderator
Board Meeting Minutes June 19, 2014
Board Meeting Minutes February 15, 2014
Denver Metro District
Northern District Board
Tres Valles District Board
President Western District
Personnel Committee
CRMR Foundation
Ministry Commission
Finance Committee Board Report with Supporting Documents:

Acting Regional Minister Board Report
Executive Regional Minister Final Report with Supporting Document:

Youth Ministry Board Report
Children’s Ministries
Clergy Ethics / Training – OPEN
Committee on Standing Board Report
Communication – OPEN
Conflict Management / Resolution – OPEN
Congregational consults for ministry priorities / program planning – OPEN
Congregation Transformation
Disciples Men – Men’s Conference Board Report
Disciples Women’s
Executive Leadership
Gender and Sexuality Discernment
General Board
Global Partners (Venezuela) – OPEN
Governance Review Task Force Board Report
Hospitality – OPEN
Leadership Training – OPEN
MissionWorks Board Report
New Church Establishment
Outdoor Ministries
Participation in denominational programs & ministries – OPEN
Pastoral care of congregational leaders, clergy & clergy families – OPEN
Prayer – OPEN
Regional Shepherds
Resource Team
Search and Call
Strategic Implementation Oversight Team
Theological reflection / dialogue – OPEN
Worship Leadership (ordinations, installations, Sunday Services) – OPEN
Young Adult Ministries – OPEN

Wyoming Association of Churches Board Report with WAC 2014 Narrative to Go with Report (supporting document)
Colorado Council of Churches
La Foret Conference and Retreat Center Board Report