Notes from Board Retreat

The Regional Board of the Central Rocky Mountain Region gathered for a Board Retreat Day/Meeting March 14, 2015.

We were hosted by Evergreen Christian Church in Evergreen, Colorado. Pastor Duncan Miller welcomed everyone and led us to participate in Evergreen’s Lenten Prayer Tapestry, as we began our day.

Pastor Doug Goodwin, First Christian Church, Sheridan, Wyo. and Chair of the Governance Review Task Force (GRTF), presented an update and report of the work of the Governance Review Taskforce for the Board’s consideration. (GRTF report will be posted on the CRMR website)

GRTF, formed less than a year ago, was tasked to review the CRMR governance structure and to make recommendations to the CRMR Board. During 2012-13, CRMR Board became aware of the need to continue work with the Future Story, Strategic Planning, Design of the Region and “how to be Region” in the 21st century. To that end, and with the awareness CRMR was growing geographically (the welcome of SE Idaho), GRTF was formed to consider regional governance and structures to move the Region forward in relationship and mission for the future.

Members of GRFT are: Doug Goodwin (Chair), Connie Day, Vinetta Golphin-Wilkerson, Dan Woods, Cynthia McBride, George Dockery, Sandie Dell, Diane Ashton, Dean Phelps.

Doug reported to the Board, that with commitment and energy, GRTF has met every 4-6 weeks over the past year. Along with review of CRMR Design, Future Story, Design General Church, Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, and Marks of a Faithful Region, The Task Force formulated and conducted a survey of 43 CRMR congregations. 17 congregations responded. (Survey and results posted on CRMR website)

Based on GRFT’s work, Doug reported 7 recommendations for Board consideration, found in GRTF report.

GRTFs recommendations were discussed in smaller groups of 3-4 Board members. Discussion and questions were brought back to the large group. By consensus, the Board accepted the recommendations presented.

Next steps will include appointment of an Implementation Team, whose charge will be to provide implementation structure for the GRTF recommendations, over the next year, for presentation at Spring Feast 2016.

Additional Board actions:

  • Affirmation of Pastor Vinetta Golphin-Wilkerson as Chair of the Executive Regional Minister Search Team
  • Affirmation to empower the Executive Committee of the Regional Board to approve appointment of members of the Executive Regional Minister Search Team as they are identified
  • (On the calendar for prayers: ERM Search Team will meet with Pastors Sharon Watkins, General Minister and President, DOC and Ruth Fletcher, Regional Minister, Montana (our mentor for the process), 6/5 and 6/6 for initial gathering and anti-racism training)
  • Affirmation to empower the Executive Committee to approve CRMR Regional delegates to General Assembly, Columbus, OH, 7/18-22/2015, as they are identified
  • Unanimous vote to approve 2012-13 CRMR Audit conducted by Paul Smith, after review by the Finance committee, with the Board
  • Unanimous vote, after Finance committee recommendation, to move forward with Quick Books software, training and implementation, for CRMR financial and accountant use
  • Unanimous vote to suspend Article IV of Design Central Rocky Mountain Region, Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, based on GRTF recommendation to consider Moderator-Elect addition to Regional Board/Board Officers, to offer structured assurance for Board leadership orientation and continuity in the role of Moderator of the Board. General Church Board structure and other Regions include Moderator-Elect roles. (Nominating Committee will begin work to identify Moderator-Elect candidates for consideration to the role of Moderator-Elect)

Blessings, with gratitude,

Diane Ashton,