It’s CRMR Summer Camp Time!

In less than two weeks 149 children and youth along with 44 adult volunteers will begin our 2015 Summer Camps. It promises to be a wonderful two weeks packed with fun, games, crafts, building friendships, and (most importantly) exploring and growing in one’s faith and closeness to God. Every year on a vast majority of the feedback forms campers say that camp has been a place where they feel welcome and accepted, where they can be themselves, and where they feel closest to God.

We believe there are four big reasons for that success:

  • All of our regional youth events are inclusive of all God’s people. From the far reaches of five states excited young people and awesome adult volunteers gather in the presence of God’s Spirit and love – and for at least a few days they have an escape from the things that divide (economic status, popularity, race, ethnicity, political issues, sexual identity, theological stances, etc) and distract (school, work, sports, cram packed schedules, Facebook, Twitter, email, pressure to succeed and conform, etc.) us in the world…and it’s a wonderful thing!
  • Adult volunteers give their time to support our retreats and camps. Did we mention they are awesome? In addition to the amazing array of gifts and talents they bring, they have obvious love for God and kids, and they are also all highly trained and screened (background checks plus three written references every year) by our region – which results in safe, well organized events where kids can thrive.
  • God always shows up. It’s amazing how that works, isn’t it? We get together in God’s name to learn and grow and have fun, and God blesses the work of the adults and the enthusiasm of the kids in astounding ways!

And finally, last but certainly not least:

  • The prayers and support of the people like you in the Central Rocky Mountain Region. It is the churches, the ministers, the parents and all the other members too who make our camps awesome in so many ways. You help make camp possible for kids who can’t afford it through donations. You encourage and thank the volunteers who serve as directors, chaplains, nurses and counselors. You help kids register and get to and from the camps. You share in their excitement. You hold us in prayer.

So on behalf of the 193 kids and volunteers who will be attending our camps from June 14-27, thank you. Thank you for all you have already done, and thank you for holding us in prayer through the coming weeks for another amazing summer of camps!


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