Franchelle Cliff Memorial Service

Franchelle Meek was born in Osawatomi, Kansas, USA on October 24, 1930.  She passed away on June 22, 2016 in Wheat Ridge (Denver), Colorado after a sudden illness.

We invite you to join us in this special memorial worship video that tells some of Franchelle’s story, and celebrates her life in worship and song.   Whether family, friends, or strangers, we invite you to take part in this inspiring memorial, joining in songs and prayers if you’d like.  The service is 53 minutes long, and includes a few scenes during the prelude to give you a sense of the church, and a short photo overview at the end from one of the photo display boards.

Franchelle M. Cliff was a remarkable, inspiring woman of faith, who knew the meaning of separation, loneliness, and loss–but also of faith, triumph, and love for others. At age 3, Franchelle was given up by her parents to go live with her grandparents, then when they died, to go live with her aunt and uncle, Maxine and Mac Steele.   She grew to be a gifted musician, playing the piano, piccolo, flute–and singing in choirs. Franchelle married Murray Cliff in Denver, Colorado.  The couple had no children and when Franchelle was 39, Murray died suddenly, followed by her aunt later that year.

Franchelle fell into despair, in a downward spiral of separation, loss, and grief. The inspirational story of how Franchelle found herself through faith and giving her life to making the world better for others, is told here in this memorial service.

Franchelle found a second life in helping others, and continued to love traveling to her hometown of Osawatomi, Kansas to visit friends and attend her high school reunions.

As you watch this memorial video, we apologize that the sound is not perfect–we hope acceptable enough to get a sense of this inspiring service.  Captioning and text have been throughout the video for those who may have difficulty hearing due to the sound quality or their own hearing challenges.*

In Franchelle’s memory, gifts are requested to be be made to the Tennyson Center for Children, centered in Denver, Colorado:,  2950 Tennyson Street, Denver, Colorado, 80212.

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Central Rocky Mountain Region

*Our thanks to DisciplesNet Church, who donated time and service in creating this video, and exists to connect people with the church when they may not be able to attend one or more services.  There are weekly online worship services (, individual songs and compilations of them, and other moments of inspiration.  Their Facebook Page can be found at DisciplesNet Church.  Donations to DisciplesNet are always welcome, and have allowed the production of this video.


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