Christmas Offering 2

Congregations of the Central Rocky Mountain Region

Congregations of the Central Rocky Mountain Region cover a large area, and they make a huge difference!

A map is one way to look at the Central Rocky Mountain Region. Each pushpin can show you the location of a congregation. The map illustrates just how large the region is, but it also shows the space in between, those “in between” spaces where we find our connection.

The tables at which we gather each Sunday and share the Lord’s Supper provide another lens for looking at the Region. We are, in many cases separated by great distance, yet at the table we express the belief that we truly are one, one in a shared faith and a simple confession.

Those connections, not a person or an office, draw us together as one church. We are all part of the Central Rocky Mountain Region in the ways we connect with one another. When you support the Christmas Offering for Disciples Mission Fund, you are directly supporting the ministry of churches and ministers across the Region. Because of your support:

  • Congregations like Village Christian Church in Colorado Springs that, following the sudden and tragic death of their pastor, did not have to walk that journey alone;
  • The sisters of Christ incarcerated at the women’s correctional facility of the Utah State Prison in Draper are able every week to share the word of God and the table of the Lord through a prison congregation, St. Francis of Assisi Christian Church;
  • Heart of the Rockies Christian Church received counsel and partnership as they begin a project that will turn their church location into a community center for children and youth in Larimer County, Colorado;
  • More than 200 children and youth discover faith and friendship through Disciples camps at LaForet in Colorado and Camp Kum Ba Yah in Idaho.

Please continue to support the ministry of all 311,000 square miles of Disciples through your gift to the Christmas Offering.


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