Change Is Coming to the CRMR

In planning for 2016, the Regional Board decided to make two significant changes affecting the Region in the coming year.

During the first part of the year, the Central Rocky Mountain Region will make the shift away from maintaining a physical office. Presently, we plan to close the office on the third floor of the Tennyson Center by March 31. Lara Maerz and I will work out of our homes, and we are presently looking into controlled storage space for the Region’s records. The phone number for the Region will remain the same.

Closing the Region’s physical office will create a cost savings and allow the Region to redirect that money. At the same time, it also accentuates that the Region is more than Denver and more than the Front Range. This will make the Region better able to get ministry closer to all 46 congregations across the more than 300,000 square miles of the Central Rocky Mountain Region, congregations that are as far as 700 miles from Denver.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this change and have created a survey for your responses. You can share your thoughts at

Beginning in 2016, the Region will also transfer its accounting function to Treasury Services in the Office of General Minister and President. We will join 14 other regions and 5 general units in utilizing this service. This will create some changes in function as checks will no longer be issued from the regional office. Instead, they will come from the Treasury Services office in Indianapolis. We will implement new check request and cash count procedures as we make the transition.

Each of these decisions create a significant reduction in the costs to operate the ministry of the Region. They also represent a significant shift from how we have functioned in the past. Please continue in prayer and in partnership as we work together to build up ministry across the miles.


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