Financial Snapshots

Former Illinois-Wisconsin Regional Minister Nathan “Pete” Smith often said that one of the best ways to think about what Regions should be doing is by using a simple evaluative taxonomy: good, important, and essential. His point then was that – particularly in a time when there are not enough resources to do everything that might be desired – if a Region is forsaking essential things in favor of good or even important things, then it is not being a Region. You see, he meant “essential” in its very literal sense: as being “of the essence”; that is, something that so defines a Region that if it is not doing it cannot fully lay claim to being a Region! Since Pete offered that schema in the ‘90s, our resources for doing Regional ministry have continued to become scarcer. Hence the urgency of making sure we indeed do well that which is “of our essence.” At the same time, we serve a bounteous and generous God and God will provide the resources we need to do the essential missions we are called to do if we will but let our imaginations loose and still that nattering voice in our heads that whispers “but, but, but…. we have always done it that way.”  (from the Committee on Standing Report to the Board 10/23/11 by Rev. Chuck Blaisdell)

Income for the CRMR comes from three main sources:

  • Direct contributions from you (click the DONATE button to the right to make a donation to the CRMR General Fund through PayPal)
  • Contributions from Disciples Mission Fund (We receive a portion of Disciples Mission Fund giving and several of the Special Day Offerings.  The CRMR receives 100% of the Christmas Offering)
  • Distributions from CRMR Foundation Trust Funds.

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Financial Snapshot 2012 01 January

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